I have owned various Ford Cortina’s over the years, but none as rare as this one …

Mister Motor Mouth

NOW here’s a teaser for you: how can a 31-year-old car be brand spanking new – in showroom order, with no number plates and only delivery mileage on the clock?

In fact, the car in point is a bright red 1981 Ford Cortina GL Mark V, and it was the very last Cortina to leave Ford’s Dagenham plant before production switched to the Sierra.

It was promptly snapped up by Midlands-based millionaire TC Harrison, who owned a number of Ford dealerships and was a celebrated collector of last-of-the-line models.

As a spanking new 2.0-litre model, the car would have cost around £5,500 at the time. It was then dry-stored for 23 years until the owner’s death in 2005, when it was bought by Scotsman Frank Sheach for £9,995.

Despite its venerable age, this unique ‘brand new’ Cortina has never been driven on a public road, and Mr Sheach (47) has…

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