Word of the day – Berm (Updated)

So as I was driving, at the weekend, I saw a sign where a country road was being re-surfaced. It said something about “caution, no Berm” So, being naturally inquisitive, like I am, I had to go look it up …

From the dictionary.com app…
– noun
Also, berme. Fort. a horizontal surface between the exterior slope of a rampart and the moat.
Also called bench. any level strip of ground at the summit or sides, or along the base, of a slope.
Also called backshore, beach berm. a nearly flat back portion of a beach, formed of material deposited by the action of the waves.
Chiefly Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. the bank of a canal or the shoulder of a road.
Chiefly Alaska. a mound of snow or dirt, as formed when clearing land.
a bank of earth placed against an exterior wall or walls of a house or other building as protection against extremes of temperature.

Looking at number 4, and please remember I am in Indiana, it all starts to make sense?

UPDATE 9-29-2012 @11PM

I saw a good example of a berm today, whilst walking with my camera…

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Originally from the UK, now living and working amongst the corn and beans in small town Midwest USA
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