Web Exploits: a bright future ahead | Malwarebytes Unpacked


Web Exploits: a bright future ahead


The majority of computers get infected from visiting a specially crafted webpage that exploits one or multiple software vulnerabilities. It could be by clicking a link within an email or simply browsing the net and it happens silently without any user interaction whatsoever. Vulnerabilities are flaws that exist in various programs and that allow someone to make that piece of software do something it’s not supposed to do such as downloading and running malware. Vulnerabilities exist because software is written by humans who make mistakes or simply are too lazy to put safeguards in their code.

Fortunately software gets patched from time to time as flaws are getting discovered. While one might think this should solve all our problems there are two things that make this patching process an issue: [more]

Web Exploits: a bright future ahead | Malwarebytes Unpacked.


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