Basic History: When People Are Disarmed, They Become Slaves


If there is just one lesson we are to learn from history, it is that an armed people are a free people, and that tyrants begin their rule by disarming their subjects. Gun control is the first step from citizenry to slavery. This is the unavoidable lesson of history.

Adolf Hitler disarmed the Jews. The communists disarmed the capitalists. The Redcoats tried to disarm the Americans. The Mexicans tried to disarm the Texans before the Alamo. The Persians tried to disarm the Spartans.

In each scenario, there were only two outcomes: the people resisted and stayed free, or the people turned in their arms and became slaves. This is not debatable or negotiable. This is historical fact. Disarmed people are just peasants.

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via Basic History: When People Are Disarmed, They Become Slaves.


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