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When Xerxes I of Persia demanded that the Spartans lay down their arms and surrender at the Battle of Thermopylae, King Leonidas I responded with defiance, “Molon labe”, “come and take!”. While Leonidas’ 300 could not stand forever against this invading force, love of country and a fervent desire to protect Sparta and its citizens from an enslaving tyrant gave the Spartan warriors the impetus they needed to fight to the death of every last man.

Throughout history we see example after example of people standing against tyrants. America is no exception. We fought the Revolutionary war to gain our freedom from a king who used the newfound wealth from the colonies to help fund his kingdom, all the while treating us like the redheaded step children. We threw off those shackles in defiance of tyranny. Thus began the great American Experiment. There was born the greatest nation in the world.

Our Founding Fathers were well acquainted with history and her ugly past. They crafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with that history, including their own recent emancipation, in mind. Understanding that men are born in liberty, endowed by their Creator, the Constitution was written to protect those God given rights. These venerated documents are timeless.

The second amendment is our greatest protection to help us guard against [More…]

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