GETAWAY Filmmakers Wrecked $1.23 Million of Shelby Super Snake Mustangs

Garrett On The Road


Thirteen Shelby GT500 Super Snake Mustangs, worth a total of $1.23 million, were wrecked in the making of the movie “Getaway“.

Shelby American, which creates the limited-edition special-order $94,195 Super Snake from stock Shelby GT500 Ford Mustangs, built seven complete and identical Super Snakes for the film. The cars were then shipped from Shelby’s facility in Las Vegas to Sofia, Bulgaria, where all of the shooting for the movie was done.

Stunt coordinators said many of the seven were wrecked multiple times. Re-usable parts were scavenged from the wrecks and bolted together to build new versions. It was calculated that, in all, the seven original cars were eventually re-purposed into 13 different Shelbys over the course of making the whole film.

That’s just a fraction of the total number of cars wrecked for the film. At least 130 vehicles were destroyed, in the estimation…

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