Vert-A-Pac Train Cars kept Chevy Vega’s Affordable

Once upon a time, there was a specially-fitted railcar, known as Vert-A-Pac. The railcar was designed to maximize the amount of vehicles being transported, and GM made at least one vehicle that was specifically made for this kind of duty: the Chevy Vega.

In order to keep the price at a rock bottom level, these Chevys were designed to fit on railcars that could carry twice as many Vegas than usual, for a total of 30. In order to fit all 30 cars, each rail car had 30 doors, 15 on each side, that folded down so that a Vega could be secured inside in a vertical, nose-down fashion. Then a forklift would come along and lift the door (and car) into place.

Since the cars were stored with the nose down and shipped with all of their necessary fluids, certain aspects of the vehicles were designed specifically for this type of shipping process, including an oil baffle in the engine, a special anti-gravity (just kidding) battery, and even a repositioned windshield washer reservoir. Pretty cool, and — if nothing else — interesting… no?






For further information check out Wikipedia’s article

With thanks to Retronaut, for the link.


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