English ‘essential to UK society’

Bournemouth Echo: Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles has spoken of giving immigrants 'the gift of English'

11:45am Sunday 19th January 2014 in National News

Immigrants who cannot speak English have no way of being a “full member” of British society, Eric Pickles said today, amid suggestions benefits could be stripped from those who do not learn the language.

Communities Secretary Mr Pickles admitted the details of such a policy had not yet been hammered out, but highlighted reforms made last year to cut translation services and boost spending on English classes.

A senior Liberal Democrat source said the idea of cutting benefits to non-English speakers was a Tory idea not agreed by the coalition, and warned their partners should not “chase Ukip’s tail via the Sunday papers”.


My take on this: I agree with this, in principle, and this would also apply to the United States. If immigrants want to be integrated and be a part of society, they need to speak, read and write the language… If you cannot communicate, what have you got?


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