The new Vauxhall Viva will be released in the UK, spring 2015

The new Vauxhall Viva will be released next spring

The new Vauxhall Viva will be released next spring

First published 05:52 Wednesday 3 December 2014 in National News © by Press Association 2014

Vauxhall has produced the first pictures of its new Viva, whose arrival next spring will signal the return of one of the great car names to British roads.

The small family-car Viva was a feature of UK motoring from 1963 until 1979.

Now Vauxhall has revived the name for its five-door replacement for the Agila model which will be powered by a specially-developed 1.0-litre engine.

Just 12ft long but capable of seating up to five people, the new Viva will, according to Vauxhall, share the orginal car’s “philosophy of clean lines, durability and practicality”.

Vauxhall has not yet said how much the new Viva will cost. Agila prices start at £8,695 and there have been reports that its replacement could start at around £7,500.

Features of the new Viva include heated seats and a heated steering wheel. It comes in 10 different colours.

Vauxhall’s chairman and managing director Tim Tozer said: “Short, crisp and full of character, Vauxhall’s new entry-level model is a ‘proper’ small car and will hold great appeal in this rapidly-growing sector.

“On sale next year at an extremely attractive price point, VIva joins new Corsa and Adam (models) in a compelling small car portfolio, giving Vauxhall an unrivalled position in the small car market.”

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