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Planet Parade to Grace the Dawn Sky this Month

All five naked-eye planets will line up in the dawn sky in June. Not only that, they’ll also be in their proper order from the Sun. The delightful view of all five naked-eye planets will greet early risers throughout the … Continue reading

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Just a thought, life is like riding a bicycle, if you don’t keep moving forward, you will fall off.

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Porch Life

The sound of the flags gently flapping in the wind, the rustle of the wind in the trees. Wind chimes gently ringing. Birds chirping, morning doves cooing, a couple of robins fighting over territory or a potential mate. Children laughing … Continue reading

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Blast From The Past

June 15th, 2022 I was driving to work this afternoon, here in rural Indiana, with the car windows down, and the outside temperature at about 95 F, with high humidity, that you could see in the air. This reminded me … Continue reading

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Depressed Woman Dies on Operating Table, Sees Heaven and Future Events, Returns to Life a New Person

Tricia Barker was depressed. She was 21 years old, in college studying English, unsure what career would follow, and generally feeling that life was hopeless and painful. She tried to take her own life by washing a handful of pills … Continue reading

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