Blast From The Past

June 15th, 2022

I was driving to work this afternoon, here in rural Indiana, with the car windows down, and the outside temperature at about 95 F, with high humidity, that you could see in the air.

This reminded me of what it felt like, on one of the first times I went for a drive, on my own, with all the windows down, in the UK. I suppose, it was in the Summer of 1976, when the UK was under a heatwave and drought that lasted 6 or 8 weeks. That day was similar to today, hot and muggy.

I remember I drove from my hometown of Bournemouth, to a small airfield that was on top of a ridge called Compton Abbas, one Sunday afternoon. That airfield is north of my hometown, but south of the town of Shaftsbury, in Dorset. I passed my driving test in 1975, but did not get my car on the road until early 1976, I think it was.

I had not thought of that day for years. Funny how sights, smells and feelings can trigger memories from your past…


About Colins Place

Originally from the UK, now living and working amongst the corn and beans in small town Midwest USA
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