Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke (1976)

“Music is a world within itself, With a language we all understand.”

Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke (1976).

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Fly over country

Vapor trail over Indiana

I now live in rural Indiana, USA. But I am from a larger town, what here we would call in a city, in the UK. Thinking today, that most of the population, here in America, live on the coasts. Therefore, I live in what people from the coasts condescendingly call fly over country, where all the hayseeds live.

I often see aircraft flying high across the sky, see their vapor trails in the daytime, and the flashing lights crossing the sky, at night.

Seeing them, I sometimes wonder where they are coming from, and where they are going to. Also, is there anybody looking out of their window, seeing my small town go by, as they speed to their destination.

Remembering what it was like flying here before I came here to live, watching the towns, rivers, and roads pass by below. The houses like small dots on the landscape, the larger stores, and other buildings, with their parking lots all lit up with circles of light.

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With the 2022 Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, here in the USA. I came across this line in an article in our local newspaper. “Thanksgiving is an attitude of gratitude that becomes an expression of the heart.” Something to remember and think on…

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Today’s thoughts


One way to protect yourself from being hurt, is to not let anybody get close to you. Otherwise that’s the risk you take. But if you cannot trust anybody, and keep others at arms length, that makes for a lonely life.

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Brief Encounter movie (1974)

I was looking to watch the 1946 movie Brief Encounter, on a streaming service, but instead came across a 1974 remake, starring Richard Burton and Sophia Loren. It is a great time capsule of life in Britain in the early 1970s. Takes me back to my teenage years… An enjoyable movie.

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Todays random memory

Driving to work today, suddenly thought of a song from my teens, in the early 1970’s in the UK.

Nice One Cyril by the Cockerel Chorus

Nice One Cyril

This could only be a British thing, making a record about a game of Football, outside of the UK, this would be otherwise known as Soccer.

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Caterpillar 320D L excavator

Seen near Veedersburg, Indiana. September 23rd, 2022. It has not moved for a few weeks.

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Mammatus clouds

Mammatus clouds

Mammatus clouds, seen in the afternoon of July 23rd, 2022 in Wingate, Indiana. The lumpy nature to the cloud is a result of sinking air within the cloud. Description courtesy of RTV6 Meteorologist Kevin Gregory.

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Heatwave – Always And Forever (1977)

Released on December 3rd, 1977, this was the second hit single from their 1976 album, Too Hot To Handle.

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British word of the day: Biro

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