My Washing Machine got noisy, then gave off a burning smell…

Our Washing Machine is a Maytag Atlantis, heavy duty model. Last night, it started getting noisy, then stopped spinning, with a burning smell. Tonight, upon further investigation, the water pump pulley was grinding on the pump base. I disconnected the drive belt, the motor ran quietly. This is a 9 year old washer, so I did not want to have to buy a motor for it. I had assumed the cost of a motor would mean the end of this old reliable washer.

I checked online, to help with diagnosis of this fault. The first site on the Google search results was Part Select In fact it was a sponsored search result. The video attached is from Part Select. The cost of the pump from them is a little under $72. The drive belt is available there too, at a cost of almost $38, with shipping the total was $116.71.

So, I looked on eBay. After some searching, and comparing of part numbers, I found a pump for $21.25 and a drive belt, for $9.75 all from one seller, for a total of only $31.00, with free shipping.

These all appear to be generic parts, not OEM parts. So, I am trying to compare like for like.

So Part Select, nice site, nice video, but your prices are way TOO HIGH…


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