Which Is Best, Spring or Fall?

Corn starting to appear in Indiana, May 2023.

I came across an online poll that asked which season you prefer, Spring or Fall. That got me thinking.

The two seasons of Spring and Fall are both times of great change.

Spring is the change from Winter to Summer. Fall, or Autumn is the change from Summer to Winter.

The temperatures are changing, warming in Spring and cooling in Fall. The days are growing longer in Spring and shorter in the Fall. The plants are coming alive in Spring and dying off in the Fall

Spring is the change when we go from the dreary depths of Winter, where everything is dead and drab looking. The grass, and the fields are all a depressing brown color. The skies are mostly cloudy, dull and grey in color.

In Spring, small green shoots, coming out of the ground, growing taller by the day signal the coming flowers and other plants coming back to life. The beautiful colors of the Crocuses the Daffodils, the Tulips, and the yellow flowers on the Forsythia bushes are a welcome sign that warmer Spring, then hotter Summer days are coming.

Forsythia in bloom

Driving down country roads, the fields change from a drab brown, to a darker brown or black when the soil is tilled. Then a few days after the crop seeds are planted, you can start to see rows of green shoots appearing. Then the game is trying to figure out if it will be Corn or Soybeans. Then watching as the thing green lines of shoots fill out and eventually cover the brown of the soil

An old saying here in Indiana, is that the Corn stalks should be knee high by the fourth of July. Normally they are much taller than that by that date. 

Fall is the change from the heat of Summer, that slowly changes to cooler evenings and nights, with warmth still during the day. It is a time of change when the crops in the fields, around here in Indiana, it is Corn and Soybeans, ripen and the leaves turn a beautiful golden color. The leaves on the trees change from green, to yellow and then to brown, before finally they let go and fall to the ground.

Driving down country roads, the scenery changes from the 6 or 7 foot tall Corn stalks, that blocks the views across the fields, to being able to see for miles again, as the crops are harvested

The Fall colors are sure nice to see, but they signal a change coming, to colder days and Winter.

In the Fall, mostly in October, there are Festivals here in Indiana, from the Apple Festival in Covington, the Covered Bridge Festival at Bridgeton, to the annual Hill Climb at Newport, to name but three.

Then at the end of October, there is Halloween, a time to decorate your house, to then scare and provide candy for the children.

I think for me Spring is the better of the two seasons. A time of life appearing from the dead looking soil. Of warmer days, lighter evenings, and time spent on the porch. New beginnings. .


About Colins Place

Originally from the UK, now living and working amongst the corn and beans in small town Midwest USA
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