A solution to steps, for a temporary wheelchair user.

OK to start, a little background. My daughter in law hurt her knee, a few weeks ago, tearing her ACL (some kind of ligament holding the knee together, as I understand). This has meant her using crutches, to get around. Since having surgery, to repair her torn ACL, she can only put a very little weight on her bad knee. This makes using steps, especially with crutches, very difficult.

The solution, to get in and out of the house, through the attached garage, instead of the front door. Both have steps, the front porch has concrete steps, the doorway from the garage has wooden steps. Therefore it was decided it was easier to construct a ramp from the garage.

After some planning, this was achieved using pre-used wood, that we had hanging around here and there. Therefore the only cost was a few hours of our time, a bunch of screws, and plenty of head scratching …

The bottom of the ramp still needs something to smooth out the transition from floor to the edge of the boards.

I hope the pictures explain how the ramp was constructed, and maybe help you with one of your projects…


About Colins Place

Originally from the UK, now living and working amongst the corn and beans in small town Midwest USA
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