Some Recommended iPhone Apps

First off, a little background. I have owned my iPhone 3GS for a year or so. I have installed many free apps from the app store. I have not had, or been tempted to pay for even one app. I guess some would call me cheap, oh well …

Some apps were and are very good, some just a waste of space.  I have installed some, that although very good, I just never use, day-to-day.

I am originally from the UK. A new free app that I have been trying, is called “The Radio”. It streams live radio, from radio stations in the UK, such as local or national stations from the BBC and other commercial stations. It works just fine, at home, on my wireless network. Also, I tried it today, in Crawfordsville, Indiana, which has good ATT 3G service, it worked great on that too. Most of the other towns around here, in small town USA, have E or Edge service for data. This is reminiscent of the old dial-up internet on home computers, you know, just plain SLOW and dropped connections. I have not tried it on that, yet.

Another app I use every day is the Facebook app. This is very good, although, since the recent changes to the website, it is not as good as it was. This is not a fault in the app,  just the way the Facebook feeds are displayed, since the changes.

Another good reference app, is the Wikipedia one. You can search for information on just about anything, like you can on their website.

Wondering where to get the cheapest gas near where you are? Try the Gas Buddy app, from  Easy to use, and a good reference. I recommend when you sign up for gas buddy, you get the regular emails, they forewarn you of when they think prices will change, either up or down, and explain why!

White Pages, is a useful app from You can look up all kinds of phone numbers, both business and private, and add the results to your iPhone contact address book. Another useful feature is the reverse look up tool, to see who and where a number is from.

Try the Craigslist app, search for all kinds of things on Craig’s List, or even take a picture with your iPhone, and upload and write an ad to list almost anything.

Yahoo! Messenger is available on the iPhone, keep in touch wherever you go, if that is what you need …

You can even get a Bible app, from, that enables you to read the Bible, on a range of versions, wherever you go. You can switch between versions, to contrast and compare, to help with understanding a particular passage.

These are just a few of the apps  that I can and do recommend for the iPhone. I have personally tried all these. I guess the ones that are not so good, that I deleted will be the subject of another post …



About Colins Place

Originally from the UK, now living and working amongst the corn and beans in small town Midwest USA
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