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Monday January 28th, 2013

On Sunday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed into law a bill that allows those such as undocumented immigrants to receive a temporary driver’s licenses after residing in Illinois for more than a year.

Quinn said “this common sense law will help everybody, regardless of their background, learn the rules of the road, pass a driving test and get insurance. As a result, our roads will be safer, we will create more access to job opportunities and our economic growth will be strengthened.”

via Commercial-News.

I saw this on the Commercial News feed, a Danville, Illinois newspaper. I thought I would share it.

This, to me, seems like a bad idea, a very bad idea. I mean, how can a state of Illinois official, at the Illinois BMV, check that the person, in front of them, applying for a temporary drivers license, is who they say they are? The requirements are also, having lived in Illinois, for a year prior. So, just how, can they prove they lived somewhere, if they cannot even prove who they are. They are after all, undocumented workers, who try to fly under the radar, no paper trail Etc. A fair proportion of whom are probably thieves, rapists, murders, pedophiles, Etc. Who knows?

I do understand the legal immigration process, to live and work here, as I am a legal (Green Card carrying) Permanent Resident, myself.


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